Sunday, July 27, 2008

*Stuck Outside of Phoenix* Going Pink?

The mention of pink at the end of my blog last week reminded me of Billy Squier.

Billy Squier was my first "favorite band," the first dude who I thought was the coolest of the cool. Most famous for "The Stroke," which I loved as a kid but now find unlistenable, Billy wrote Zeppelin-esque power pop any 80s-era midwestern kid could love. Here's an example of Billy at his best:

What's a thirteen year old supposed to do but run out and buy this record? And for the future bass player in me, listen to Kenny Aaronson laying down the law!

So, back in 1984, we were excited about Billy's new album, Signs of Life, which was due soon, and his new single and video, "Rock me Tonight," which would premier on MTV. We grouped around the tube the day it came out, waiting for Billy to rock us tonight.

And then we saw it:

We were a little shocked, and a little confused.

Funny, but this need for pink actually dates back to Squier's previous album, the mega-hit Emotions in Motion.

In retrospect, it's amazing we didn't notice it before. Maybe that's why he nailed the point home so thoroughly with "Rock me Tonight."

We can speculate all we want about what happened, why this sudden need for Squier to repaint himself in shades of pink, but I just want you to know that with the new Stuck Outside of Phoenix, which comes out a week from today, Monday, August 4, at my Web site, I'm not going pink on you.

The actual cover is more copper, as you'll see if you order one next Monday, or if you come see me at the 2nd Annual Laying Down the Law Show on August 9th.

But the digital image comes through as ever-so-slightly pink.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.



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JimmyJoe JackBob said...

thanks for not going Pink, I mean I dig Squier as much as anyone else maybe even more... but Pink is a little too much, even in the 80's it was too much...