Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

February 2014 Badge Events - Part I

We're about two and a half months from the release of Badge (2/4/14), and I already have two Badge-related events to tell you about.

The first one is the day after Badge's release on February 5th at Broadway Books in Portland, where I'll be reading with two of my favorite local authors Mark Russell and Monica Drake. Each author's reading will also very probably feature a multimedia element. The event starts at 7 PM.

The second one is in Seattle on February 27th, where I'll be reading at the Jewelbox Theater with a large cast of other great rock-tinged writers including Sean Beaudoin, Zoe Zolbrod, Rob Roberge, Jodi Angel and Joshua Mohr. The readings will be followed by Seattle musical duo the Drop Shadows, and it will all start at 9:30 PM. 

Those two are firm, and there are plenty more to come. Stay tuned.

Yours in laying down the law,


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Monday, November 11, 2013

Badge Publication Date Announced, plus Badge Cover!!!

It's official, folks. My third novel Badge will available to the world on February 4th, 2014. Those who donated to Badge's Kickstarter campaign will receive their copies sometime in January.

And are you ready for the unveiling of Badge's cover? Well, get ready, because it's ready.

Big thanks go out to the lovely Raquel for making this one a reality. 

Yours in laying down the law,


Monday, November 4, 2013

Badge Back to the Printer

My week of checking the proof of Badge is over, and the revised version is again in the hands of the printer. The next step is to order advance reader copies, which will go out to reviewers, and of course to read the thing again. If all is okay with it, I'll place a bigger order in January to fulfill my Kickstarter rewards.

I have to say I feel very lucky to have gotten a chance to work for this long on this thing. I think the book will be worth your time.

Yours in laying down the law,


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