Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Defunct Band

We have a big show coming up.

The Second Annual Laying Down the Law Show in Lansing, IL on August 9 at J.J. Kelley's.

Buck Daddy will lay down the law.

The South Slope Cutthroats (with Brian Blush) will lay down the law.

The fellas in the Refreshments tribute band will lay down the law.

And my Defunct Band will lay down the law.

Who the hell is my Defunct Band?

The line-up of Art Edwards and his Defunct Band is set! We're a trio, and we're Art Edwards (that's me) on bass and lead vocals, the ever-steady Derek Feiza of the Mike Heaton Band on drums and vocals, and the cool and talented Howard Shaw on guitars and vocals. (We think of ourselves as the Police, only not so lame.)

At LDL 2.0 we'll play a set of Art Edwards originals, plus a couple of surprises. If you own Songs from Memory, you will be primed and ready. (What? You don't own Songs from Memory? Well, chop my head off. Buy it now!)

The boys and I are very geared up for our christening in front of a gaggle of Refreshments fans. We're out to win you over. Get ready for the 'Funct!

We love the 'Funct. Gotta have some 'Funct.

It's exciting for me to be back in a band. We spent Tuesday night playing music, joking around, reveling in our guy-ness. Rock music, for me, is about getting out and relating to the world. Being in a band is an important way for me to socialize, whether with others in the band, other musicians, people in the business, or people who come out to see the band play.

It's kind of like a bowling league for those who bothered to learn an instrument.

I don't know why these roles are important, but when we're not in one we tend not to know where to start. I mean, imagine walking up to a complete stranger and introducing yourself. The world would be a better place if meeting people was this simple, but it doesn't work like that.

So, come on out to LDL Part Deux, and say hello to the 'Funct, and meet some other Functy folks, too!


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

GREAT commentary on the social life of a musician!!!! That should be quoted often.

The wife and I were talking about our circle of friends the other day and in doing so, I realized that I have NO friends that I regularly hang out with who aren't musicians. That's right....ZERO.

3 weeks til LDL2.0!!!!