Sunday, August 24, 2008

Decatur (GA) Book Festival this Weekend plus more LDL Photos!!!

That's right. I will be at the Decatur Book Festival this weekend reading from Ghost Notes and playing tunes from Songs from Memory with the fellas who helped make the album what it is, Bret Hartley and Kevin Leahy. Expect me to take the stage at Eddie's Attic for my reading at noon (Come have lunch!) and with the band around 10 P.M. Eddie said ticket sales have been promising, so if you are definitely going, you might want to check in with Eddie's Attic and make sure there's a spot reserved for you.

I was contacted many months ago by Thomas Bell, one of the organizers of the festival, asking if I'd attend. They were specifically looking for writer/singer-songwriters. I was thrilled anyone was looking for writer/singer-songwriters, and I immediately signed up. But it turns out the Decatur Book Festival is kind of a big deal, with over 200 writers and 100,000 people in attendance, and Eddie's Attic is the premier listening room in the Southeast, as confirmed by Mr. Hartley and others.

So, I'm a lucky some' bitch.

If you're in the Georgia area and want to be thoroughly entertained over Labor Day weekend, I highly recommend coming to downtown Decatur for some readings and food and music.

And, hey, I'll be there.

As you can see, new photos from the now legendary Laying Down the Law Show a couple of weeks ago are ready for viewing. Elizabeth once again made us look great.

Or, you know, she did what she could.

Check this out. My good friend John Austin, with whom I've toured with and drunk with and joked with, just got a really nice blurb in Paste magazine. Well deserved. Everyone out there should buy a copy of Satellite Blvd.

"John is certainly one of the most under-appreciated songwriters writing today, and his latest album is downright tasty, especially in the jangly acoustic songs like "Our Day in the Sun," where he sings, "Other days may come around when you're feeling like a first-rate second-class, third-place hand-me-down." John's first album came out 16 years ago and the life of a talented struggling artist pops up in songs like "Living in the Past" and "Nowhere with You." But the tenor is hope, and it's a pleasure to listen to front to back."



Buy Stuck Outside of Phoenix

Buy Ghost Notes

Buy Songs from Memory

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