Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fifteenth Mistake

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I'm not sure whether to call this a review yet or not, but either way I like it.

I love to write novels--we all know that. But I also love publishing my work myself. It's another layer of the process I get to be involved in. I like coming up with my own cover, formatting the inside of the book, testing my proofreading skills.

There's this commonly held belief that self-publishing one's work leads only to badly designed, poorly formatted, just plain lousy books. I take this as a great challenge; I try to make sure my books stack up well against anyone else's, even traditionally published ones, where people are paid the big bucks to make their company's books perfect.

For all of these reasons, this review--or upcoming review--is very validating. The reviewer, who goes by Jane Smith, reads and reviews any self-published novel sent to her. Great deal, right? Here's the catch. The moment she comes to the fifteenth mistake--typo, grammatical snafu, formatting weirdness--she stops reading. Her reviews are her impressions of the books to that point, and she indicates on what page she was forced to stop.

Her standards are so stringent she's only gotten all the way through two other books, and this after a full year's worth of reviews.

Here's the good news. She's currently on page 57 of Ghost Notes, and she's found only three mistakes! Here's hoping she makes it all the way through without hitting the magical fifteen, eh? I'll be sure to link to the final review here so everyone can see how it stacked up.

So, if you're thinking of self-publishing your book, and you're worried that your novel is doomed to look and read poorly for reasons relating to editing, formatting or proofreading, know that I once thought the same thing, and I managed to get it done well enough to impress this person.

And also know that you will work your ass off to make it so.

Yours in laying down the law,


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