Friday, June 26, 2009

What's up for me in 2009 Part Deux

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So, the first half of 2009 is coming to a close, and I can't help but look forward to what's coming next.

In a nutshell, I will write, write, write.

I will finish my work-in-progress, Badge, or Good Night to the Rock 'n' Roll Era, by the end of the year. Barring no setbacks, the current draft will be done in September, and I can't imagine more will need to be done after that. This novel is coming in a lot longer than Stuck Outside of Phoenix and Ghost Notes. Actually, it's close to being the length of those two put together. It gets away from Hote, the main character of my first two novels, but still it's a sequel.

I will continue to promote Ghost Notes, which between the paperback and audio book version will see at least two more reviews. (Funny, but something about releasing the audio book has prompted reviewers to request the paperback. Whatever. I'll take it.)

I'm anxious to get a non-fiction book proposal out into the world. I can't give away the title yet, but it's a topic I know intimately. I'll be writing more on it at this blog later in the year.

I will write and polish three or four short stories that have been begging for attention. Hote is not gone forever.

Last, I will be turning Ghost Notes into a screenplay. This was prompted by a friend of mine with some movie connections who believes my second novel would make a great movie. Both of my novels would adapt fairly easily to the format, so I'm making a point to get them down in screenplay form in case someone is interested. Maybe Hote will come to a theater near you someday.

None of this should prevent me from posting here every week. It's what I do. I hope you're cool with that.

Yours in laying down the law,


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