Friday, June 19, 2009

New Ghost Notes Audio Book Sample!!!

Ghost Notes the Audio Book is now available! You can order it here.

It's great to have a new product out. I grew up in that time when a new CD or book or whatever by a favorite artist meant a great deal. There were a few who I'd make a point to go and buy the day their works came out. I remember buying REM's Out of Time and Kurt Vonnegut's Timequake on the day of their releases. I still manage to buy Dylan's latest, if not on the day of release, close to it. How about you? Are there new releases you drop everything for?

Anyway, I hope that every year I'm able to get something out for you to dig. It feels healthy and right to me somehow. I've been lucky to release no less than four products in the last 16 months. I doubt I'll be able to keep up that pace, but one a year shouldn't kill me.

I've posted a new sample of the audio book at my audio page. This one is an example of music interweaved with the text of the novel. I wanted you to hear it to get a sense of how the music and text work together in parts of the audio book.

If you're like me, listening to audio books can rank about one notch above boredom. I listen to them a lot in the truck on long trips. It's just something to do to keep me from focusing too much on things like how far I have to go and how tired and grumpy I'm getting. It's a nice diversion in a situation where you're lucky to get anything on the radio but Pat Benetar.

Nothing wrong with Pat Benetar, by the way.

But audio books--at least my audio book--brings together two crafts I've spent a great deal of time working on, and it seems to hint at a way audio books can become more compelling to the listener, like a radio play or an all-audio movie. I hope to take this type of interplay much further in the future. I'm already scheming on how to do that.

Until then, enjoy Ghost Notes the Audio Book. It's better than five hours of Pat Benetar.

Or Huey Lewis.

Nothing wrong with Huey Lewis, either.

Yours in laying down the law,


Buy Ghost Notes, the novel or brand new audio book.

Buy Songs from Memory, the album

Buy Stuck Outside of Phoenix, the novel

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