Friday, May 15, 2009

The Making of an Audio Book

Get ready for Ghost Notes in Audio Book!!! It's coming your way June 15th!!!

First, this:

I just wanted to touch base with all of my loyal readers about the audio book, which--as you've probably picked up somewhere--is coming out June 15. Audio books are a medium reserved primarily for traditional publishing companies, and then only for their biggest sellers. So how am I able to pull it off?

Four things have come together to create a perfect storm of audio book in Defunctland.

1) James Lorenz wanted to do it.

James is a voiceover artist who about three months ago posted on an online bulletin board, saying he wanted to get into audio books. I contacted him, and James, a former rocker himself, signed on instantly. When you hear his reading, you'll realize how lucky I am.

2) I'm self-published.

Being a self-published novelist is SOOO not ideal, but it has its consolations. Owning all of the rights to your book, like audio book rights, is one such advantage. When something like this falls into my lap, I'm free to pursue it.

3) I can edit myself.

Years of tinkering with software like ProTools and GarageBand puts me in a great position to edit my audio book. Ten or fifteen years ago, not so easy, for me and most others.

4) Digital distribution.

When the audio book is ready, there are options that will allow me to get it to you without spending thousands on printing hard copies. I haven't yet decided which company I'll go with, but a couple of options look tenable. Whatever allows me to charge you the least is going to get the nod.

There you have it, the anatomy of a self-published audio book. And you'll be able to download it for yourself FOUR WEEKS FROM TODAY.

I'd better get editing.

Yours in laying down the law,


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