Saturday, June 21, 2008

Stop the Presses!!!

Last week I told you about the Laying Down the Law Show that's happening on August 9th in Lansing, Illinois.

I told you about Buck Daddy.

I told you about Art Edwards and his Defunct Band.

(Oh, actually I didn't. Art Edwards and his Defunct Band is my new Chicago-based band. The Laying Down the Law Show will be our debut performance.)

I told you about the Refreshments tribute portion of the show. (FFB&B in its entirety, baby!)

What I didn't tell you about is the fourth act on the bill.

I didn't tell you about it because I didn't know about it at the time.

I didn't know about it at the time because, well, that's just how life happens.

As of a couple of days ago, the fourth act on the bill is the South Slope Cutthroats.

Who, you ask, are the South Slope Cutthroats?

The South Slope Cutthroats are an ornery bunch of cusses who hail from Northwest Indiana.

They're also the new band fronted by Brian Blush.

Who's Brian Blush?

Aw, hell. Everyone knows who Brian Blush is.

Brian Blush was the lead guitarist of the Refreshments.

The Refreshments laid down the law big time in their day.

So, come to the 2nd Annual Laying Down the Law Show on August 9th and not only will you get the South Slope Cutthroats, you'll also get two Refreshments in the tribute band for the price of one.

Oh my. This is starting to get good.

Seven weeks, baby.


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Joel said...

Gah! Now you've got me listening. Too bad I'm nowhere near the show.

You may or may not remember Filburt from the Baltimore area. Rabid East Coast Refreshments fan of the time. Well, that's me. I listened to a few of the songs you posted. I dig, man!! Interested to hear what Brian is up to also.

I just discovered your blog as I have been reliving my college years through listening to many older CDs, the Refreshments included. I'm really interested in your new stuff and am planning on picking up the album really quickly.

Art Edwards said...

Hey, Filburt. I do remember you!

For the record, I just noticed that SFM is available as an electronic download on Amazon. Seems there moving in on iTunes territory. Here's the link.

Not a bad price, either. This might be the cheapest you can get SFM anywhere.


John said...

You sound "stoked" on this! As well you should be! Thats all good too.. Kinda weird that two ex-members of the Freshies would be setting up playing onthe same night under the same roof...wait.....
Anyways..., Your nowhere near a little state of Texas.. Ever think Austin could happen for you? Lots of good venues in Austin.. Austin would be good to you and good for you! And dog-gone it, people like you!
Cornbread Boogaloo aka Slappy Redbone aka JimmyJoe JackBob aka Bucko Gillespie

Anonymous said...

damn how i wish i could get there for the show. It would be amazing. I need to go buy a lottery ticket or somethng

At least I will get to see you at Yucca, I already have a sitter for Josie for the night.