Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thank you, Arizona! Hello, Denver!

Are you ready, Denver?

Tuesday, 3/11, Walnut Room, 8 PM with John Queen

You're going to get a bit of Ghost Notes, a lot of Songs from Memory, a Refreshments song or two, and a cover or two.

You're going to get Denver's own John Queen.

You're going to experience the Walnut Room, which everyone tells me is the best new place in town.

And you're going to be home and in bed by 11, so you won't ruin your Wednesday.

Show starts at 8. See you there!

Some new reviews of Ghost Notes, Songs from Memory and the Phoenix leg:

"What a Wonderful Rock show last night. Love love love the CD And the book. Please come back soon."


"Your performance at Last Exit was great and I absolutely love the album! I have played it a million times and "Extraordinary" is my MySpace song. I can't wait to start the book. Be safe while traveling. Come back soon."


"I thought it was a great set. I really didn't know what to expect. I knew you had songwriting abilities, but you exceed expectations on stage too. I'm glad to see that your presence brought out a bit of the old crowd."


"I love the "Songs from Memory" and "Ghost Notes" -- I (and I'm sure
plenty of other musicians who tried to grab the brass ring) felt like I
was reading parts of my life story in "Ghost Notes," and your gift is
being able to convey those emotions into words -- I loved every word of

Chris Hansen Orf

AZ Rep Article

Get Out Article

New Times Blurb

Thank you, Arizona. We'll be back soon.

See you tonight, Denver!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ben busy with josie but got my chance now

good to see you again last wensday at changing hands and to hear birds sing live it had been years seince the last time i had
read a bit of the book, not to josie though ;) sticking with the priness bride for now

missed the show on saturday but hope you come back for another one soon stil would love to see you full band again and i still need to get the new cd soon would love to hear all of it