Saturday, January 6, 2018

My Short Story "Nello's Liner Notes" now Available for Free at The Wax Paper!!!

My process for writing fiction is pretty laborious. Novels take many drafts and several years. Short stories can take just as long.

Such was not the case for my short story "Nello's Liner Notes," which came out a year or two ago at The Wax Paper.

As much as I love The Wax Paper's newspaper-y format, I'm always a little disappointed when I can't send a link around of a newly-published piece. Well, The Wax Paper has recently published "Nello's Liner Notes" online, which is great because I finally get to offer it to you.

"Nello's Liner Notes" is told by Nello Van Hansen, lead singer of Comatoast, and it's about his inability to get his band's debut album in the can.

So, give ten minutes to "Nello's Liner Notes," and let me know your thoughts.

Yours in laying down the law,


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The Dad! said...

It's probably warmer in Moose Jaw than it is currently here in Northeast Ohio.

Whe- John Le--o- broke the sacred rule of "-o Girls I- The Clubhouse," it we-t to shit for all serious musician-s. -ever, ever bri-g the wife to the studio!

Great raed, Art.

Art Edwards said...

Thank you! I loved bringing it to you.