Thursday, July 23, 2015

Like Coachella, but Pleasant

Do you want to have fun this Tuesday night in Portland?

Then come to The Whom's reading at The Corner Bar at 7:30 PM on 7/28.

The Whom features some of the most entertaining and well-published writers in town, and it seems like every one of them has a new offering out right now. Rebecca Kelley's debut novel Broken Homes and Gardens just came out in May, and Heather Arndt Anderson's second foodie offering, Portland: A Food Biography, was released to accolades earlier this year. Finally, writer/humorist/all-around PDX baller Mark Russell saw his first of a series of DC-released comics come out last month. Pretty ridiculous, yo.

The readings themselves will be short, engaging, and the perfect accompaniment to your $2 BEER!
In fact, should you come, you will be the first audience in the History of Man to hear the prologue for my Novel IV, which is called 19 Ways to Destroy Your Rock Band: My Life in the Convincing Fakes.

Think I'm kiddin'?

I assure you I am not.

Come! Bring a friend!


P.S. $2 beers!

Watch Stuck Outside of Phoenix the Movie.


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