Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Adventures in (Rock) Writing and (Self-)Publishing

One of my favorite parts of putting together the promotion for Badge has been writing essays for the Internet. I've finished eight or ten of them ready, and I'm working on another ten or twelve now. These essays deal with my favorite subjects: writing (esp. rock fiction), publishing (esp. self-publishing) and music (esp. the music of my youth). So you can expect one or two short Internet pieces from me each month in 2014.

The first popped up over the weekend at The Nervous Breakdown. It's called Thirteenth Note and explains the name of Kel's and my new publishing company, and why rock fiction characters don't have to be David Lee Roths.

The second is at writer extraordinaire Nick Belarde's website, and it deals with a recent visit back to the bookstore of my literary youth, Changing Hands in Tempe, Arizona. Or is it the bookstore of my youth?

Most all of my Badge-related events are booked through March, and they involve stops in Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Final details are still coming together, but know each event will be special in its way. I can't wait for this part.

Finally, Badge pre-sales start in less than two weeks at my website! If you missed the Kickstarter fundraiser, this will be your first chance to get your copy of Badge, which goes on sale worldwide on Feb. 4th.

Yours in laying down the law,


Read the blurb of Badge.

Or read an excerpt of Badge.


Stephan Cox said...

Just got the books Art. Patrick grabbed Badge and the CD sped off to his lair. Let me know when when Thirteenth Note is accepting submissions - I'd like you to be my first rejection. Galveston forever!
Thanks, Steve

Art Edwards said...

Ha! I will, Stephan. Are you working on something?