Monday, February 25, 2013

Where to Buy Stuck Outside of Phoenix, Ghost Notes, and Songs from Memory

I sometimes get asked where people can find my books and music. Here's the most complete list to date.

The best place to buy any of my book-books or my solo CD is my website, where you'll find the best prices, and all of the books are signed.


Both novels are also available at Powell's online.

Stuck at Powell's
Ghost Notes at Powell's

If you want an ebook of Stuck Outside of Phoenix, there are of course the big, corporate places.

Barnes and Noble

The same goes for Ghost Notes.

Barnes and Noble

But my favorite place to get either novel as an ebook is Smashwords.


Finally, should you be interested in digital versions of either my solo CD Songs from Memory or Ghost Notes the Audiobook, the best place to buy these is CDBaby.


Both of these digital downloads are also available at places like iTunes, Amazon and the like.

There are many other places to buy all of the above, but these should have you covered for both real-life and digital versions of everything.


Yours in laying down the law,


Check out the Trailer for Stuck Outside of Phoenix the Movie, which will premiere in Tempe in early 2013.

Or try Stuck Outside of Phoenix in print form for just $5.

Or try Stuck for your Kindle for just $2.99.

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