Monday, November 26, 2012

Some Notes on Stuck Outside of Phoenix the Movie's Trailer

I'm jacked about Stuck Outside of Phoenix the Movie's trailer. There's so much going on therein I feel the need to highlight some of my favorite points.


I'm very excited about Brandon Hannifin's take on Hote. He has the gravity of a lead without giving up the neuroses inherent in a character who can't seem to drive onto an onramp. I can't wait to see more of Brandon as Hote.


Hearing Dead Hot Workshop's "Last Train Ride" almost makes me weep every time. No other band--and no other song--so clearly evokes the era for me. If you'd have told me in 1990, as I sat at Long Wong's nursing my pitcher of beer and watching Dead Hot, that I'd write a movie someday about that time and said movie would include "Last Train Ride," I'd've told you to slow down on the drinking there, pal.


Dan Kerege seems to be playing Lance for all the humor he can get out of him. Such an important role with Hote being so damned heavy all the time. I bet a lot of people are going to like this character.


I love the look here on Chris DeGreen's face. Chris plays Gad, who's a sort of super ego to the other two Fun Yungers. I've no doubt Chris--a lead singer in his own right--knows how to keep his sidemen in line.


If this movie is about two moments, one is right here, where Lola, played by Kat Bingham, drops the opportunity of a lifetime on Hote. Kat clearly knows what she's doing with Lola, and you can tell sparks are gonna fly between these two.


Second moment: "So what's it like, having people actually show up?" Every rock musician in Tempe in 1990 knew this feeling. Probably every rock musician in the history of the world ever.


Kudos to those who spotted the "Dare to Keep Kids off Drugs" T-shirt in the audience.

Big thanks to Producer Nico Holthaus, Elijio Ramirez and Rick Rothen for this time machine of a trailer.

Anyone else have favorite trailer moments?

Yours in laying down the law,


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