Monday, July 23, 2012

Pear Noir! Piece, and Stuck the Movie Update

I have a piece forthcoming in Issue Eight of Pear Noir!, which is a very cool lit mag out of Pennsylvania that features great writing. Mine is an essay called "No Refreshments Will Be Served," and it's about the two-year span from 2009-2011--while promoting my second novel Ghost Notes and my solo CD Songs from Memory--when I didn't mention anything in my press releases or elsewhere that I'd been in the Refreshments. Pear Noir! publishes only 500 copies of each issue, so if you have to read this, it's best to order it before it comes out. You can order it here.

Also, producer Nico is setting up the editing phase of Stuck Outside of Phoenix the Movie, and right now he's drowning in issues of computer failure, amongst other things. Lots of data, and keeping it all in order is proving quite the headache. Wish him luck, and hopefully the movie will still be ready in September.

Yours in laying down the law,


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