Monday, June 18, 2012

Van Halen Essay-Part III

Come become Alex's drum solo.

Van Halen Part III at The Nervous Breakdown

Yours in laying down the law,


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Owllady said...

Art, it took me a while to finish reading that article, but I wanted you to know that you totally cracked me up with your descriptions of Dave.

Pt IV in the series leaves me kind of sad. From fan comments I've seen, people seem to really like Michael. I feel like he deserves better than to behave like a buffoon, but I guess when you look at Dave for two hours every show, you start to pick up some of his overblown nonsense.

People also seem to (generally) like Eddie because he's a great guitarist. I don't know, I can't help feeling that Dave holds the band back, and yet without him, they don't seem to rise any further.

Thanks for an entertaining and thought provoking series.

Art Edwards said...

So true. Michael is the likeable one, Eddie is the talented one, and Dave is the showboat. I feel exactly the same way as everyone else about Michael's and Eddie's various talents. I felt the need to explore other, less savory aspects of their personas for my piece. No doubt Dave is a huge influence here.

And Alex is...Eddie's brother!

Owllady said...

Now, Alex is a great drummer. Modern Drummer did a short piece on him recently. I don't think he needs Eddie for validation, but they are the two biggest reasons I like VH.

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