Monday, May 7, 2012

That's a Wrap!

Big thanks and congrats are due to the Stuck Outside of Phoenix the Movie cast and crew. They wrapped the shooting of the film on May 4th (my birthday!), and I can't tell you what a relief that is to me, and no doubt to Nico Holthaus, who's been running the thing from the beginning. Thank you, Nico, and everyone who expended so much to help make this movie happen. The story now is as much yours as it is mine.

What's next? The movie has to be edited, and Nico is wrestling with his options for this phase. The plan is still to have something for you to see by the fall of this year. As you might know, I take forever to write a novel, so that this thing might be done in about two years from its inception is mind-bogglingly quick from my vantage. I think I like this movie thing.

I'll continue to keep you apprized at this blog of further Stuck the Movie developments. But know it's coming, and sooner rather than later.

Yours in laying down the law,


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