Monday, April 23, 2012

Date Set for Concert Extras Scenes in Stuck Outside of Phoenix the Movie, plus Review of Damascus by Joshua Mohr

Okay, if you want to be in an extra in one of Stuck Outside of Phoenix the Movie's big concert scenes, the date and location have been set. It will happen on May 2nd, all day and all night, at Rocky Point Cantina, which is at the old Sun Club location of 1001 E 8th St. in Tempe. If you want to come, you should sign up here. Be prepared to wear your pre-1992 clothes, make-up and hairstyles (break out the Faith No More T-shirt). And if you have a pre-1992 vehicle, it will likely be in the film too. So, sign up, tell your friends, and get ready to party like it's 1992!

Also, this past week Word Riot was kind enough to publish my review of Joshua Mohr's novel Damascus, which is worth your attention. Check it out.

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darksouldealer said...

hmmm this time as it s was happening i was working at zia 7th ave and indian school and none us wore anything as described...yay for genericness