Monday, May 10, 2010

Your Writing Style and your Blog Writing Style

The New Yorker dishes on its own issues with its blog/web presence here. They wrestle with being the New Yorker and being in a world where the Internet is an important place to promote your wares. Namely, they're concerned about losing what it is that makes them great--"excellence, polish, depth"--while generating hits displaying pictures of people's pets dressed as literary characters.

(Poppy, as the Velveteen Rabbit, from the children’s classic of the same name by Margery Williams.)Awww.

Leave it to the New Yorker to make me wonder about my approach to my writing versus my approach to my blog writing. Is there a difference?


Way yes.

My fiction writing style is, I'd venture, more formal than my blog writing style, and it gets polished much more than the latter. My blog writing style is faster and looser, and it's where I'm more likely to shoot from the hip, as I did last week.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this separation. I'm of a generation that came up before the Web, and I think I value the printed word quite a bit more than the pixelated one. I love to screw around on the Web, but my real writing happens elsewhere.

The Web calls for a certain type of writing, namely the kind that keeps people from the easy distraction of the six billion other websites they have access to. I want you to stay and read, so I keep it light and fun. I'll even go cheap as necessary.

With book writing, I figure my audience has bothered to buy, or at least pick up, my book, which implies a certain amount of dedication from the get-go. I don't need to crush them with pyrotechnics. I expect them to give my prose a chance to work on them on a deeper level. That's the kind of writing I like to read, and that's the kind of attention I hope for from a reader.

But what say you? Do you draw a distinction between the way you write for the web and the way you compose your other work?

Yours in laying down the law,


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Laura Pauling said...

That dance video was hilarious! Especially when he added in the brady bunch song! My blog style is not always but sometimes similar to my writing voice.

Art Edwards said...

The Brady thing got me too.

And the AC/DC thing, of course.

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