Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Ghost Notes Review!

Ghost Notes the Audio Book is now available! You can order it here.

Ghost Notes received a great review from Celia Hayes last week. Just to give you a taste:

"The personal and professional world of Josh Hotle is dense, detailed and believable, without overwhelming the reader and bogging the narrative down in unnecessary verbiage. Each chapter or character sketch is a complete short story in itself; it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the author is also a musician and songwriter, expert in using just the precise word and phrase and not a syllable more."

Thank you, Celia Hayes!

I have at least one more review of Ghost Notes coming down the pipe, and potentially as many as four, including possible audio book reviews. Funny, but before the audio book came out I received exactly zero review requests for Ghost Notes.

If you self-publish, do yourself a favor and distinguish your project by publishing in some secondary or alternative media too. We work so hard on the novels themselves--and that should be enough--but the reality on the ground is there are more and more people trying to get the attention of fewer and fewer readers (Come on, Harry Potter generation!) There were about 280,000 print-on-demand books published in 2008, the large majority of them from self-published authors, and almost as many traditionally published books. Anything you can do to set yourself apart, do it.

One of the only benefits to self-publishing is that the author owns all of the rights (like audio book rights) to his work. In other words, you don't have to ask anyone's permission to do anything. That is your advantage, and you have to work with the advantages you're given because there aren't a ton of them.

By next week, Ghost Notes the Audio Book should be available as a digital download. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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