Sunday, February 17, 2008

Who's Ready to Rock?

The time has come! You can now buy Ghost Notes and Songs from Memory at my Web site.

Okay, new show announced:

Chicago, Sunday, 3/30, 8 PM, The Abbey Pub at Grace and Alston.

This is my first Chicago show--my new hometown!--in I don't know how long, so we're gunning to make it extra special. This will be a full band performance, and John Austin will be co-headlining the event.

Right now, I have two types of shows on the schedule. The first is:

Reading and Acoustic Performance

This is what it sounds like. You’re going to hear some Ghost Notes, some Songs from Memory, a cover or two and a Refreshments song or two (Are these covers? I don’t know. You decide).

The most interesting part of these performances for me is the attempt to blend the excerpts and the music into something that's whole, something that flows and has a narrative arc. I just started putting this together yesterday, and I really like the results.

What I want you to understand about these performances is that you will not be read at for 45 minutes. This is predominantly a music event, but don’t be surprised if you like the reading portions, too.

I’m also working on a surprise, Refreshments-related element for these shows. Stay tuned.

The second type is:

Full Band Performance

If you know me and my history, you know what these are about. The law will be laid down with authority, and with all that law being laid down there will be no time for reading. However, Ghost Notes--and Songs from Memory--will be for sale at every event.

About the Last Exit show in Tempe, there may be some fluctuation in the headline act. I should know more about it next week, so check back, or check my Web site at the events page.

Bret Hartley (all the way from ATL!), Jim Gerke and Curtis Grippe will be manning their respective instruments for the Tempe show. Also, there will be a surprise special guest on one number. Wanna clue? I was doing wheelies when I found out. You won’t want to miss it.

The other full band shows are part of a tour we’re still putting together. The tour will run five or six nights and will stretch from Atlanta to Chicago. These shows will be co-headlined by songwriting extraordinaire John Austin, who's now in full band mode, and with a wonderful new disc ready to come out. Mr. Austin will be manning the rhythm guitar in my act, and I’ll be laying down the law in his. Mr. Hartley (he can’t get rid of me) and Songs from Memory drummer Kevin Leahy will round out the foursome for the tour.

The Tour. I love it. I think I’m going to change the message on my cell phone:

“This is Art Edwards. I’m on tour right now and can’t take your call. If you’ll please leave a message, I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m off tour. Thanks…I’m on tour."



chole said...

looking forward to the return to tempe
will be at the wensday show, working out the saturdy show

"Wanna clue? I was doing wheelies when I found out"

being tempe and last time you were here i'm gonna guess PH but thats just me

K said...

If "Wheelie" is a clue, drummer would be Dusty, not P.H., no? *wink* I don't even have a guess *hangs head in embarrassment* Wish I could be there for it. Sounds like great fun! And, Chole could take me to that great place that had the tastee hot wings again! :-)