Sunday, February 25, 2007

Art Edwards's Plan for 2007-Part I

Hi, folks. Here are my musical plans for the next few months.

Stuck Outside of Phoenix Song Comes to Life

You know the song in Stuck Outside of Phoenix, right? The one the guys play in the gig scene at the end the book? Ever wonder what it sounds like?

The song's called "Nickel," and it happens to be a song by the Solemines, a band from my Phoenix days. Jim Gerke, singer/songwriter extraordinaire and former singer of the Solemines; Tim Anthonise, singer/songwriter of Gloritone and former guitarist of the Solemines; and Scott Hessel, drummer of Gloritone, have agreed to record this song with me. It's going down at Tony Robinson's Wahalla Music, and I hope to have the whole thing mixed and up on my MySpace Music Page by the end of March. All members of my mailing list and blog will be able to get a copy of the mp3 for free! Details will follow on my MySpace Music Page, this blog, and elsewhere. Keep checking back.

The Laying Down the Law Show-2007

Randy Anderson, of Chicagoland's Buck Daddy and formerly of Wookie Luv, and I are teaming up to bring you a night of new and classic music. The date of the show is June 9th, a Saturday, at Martyrs' in Chicago, and events will include a solo acoustic set by yours truly, some Buck Daddy originals, and a set of Refreshments material featuring Randy, myself on bass, and a cast of musicians. This is sure to be a fun night of music and memories, so if you'll be in the Chicago area, mark June 9th on your calendar and start looking forward to it. Details are still forming, so be sure to keep an eye on my Web site for the latest.

And that's just the beginning for me in 2007. I have some potentially bigger news coming down the pipe, which I hope to announce at the Martyrs' show.


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Melissa Reid said...

Wow. You are a blast from the past. Melissa (Goff) here. Do you remember me? Surfing the net and came across your book. I remember watching Grease 2 with you! =-) And the Solemines song, "and I'd like to grow old with you--maybe we could share a memory or two." AND--you guys opening up for A Flock of Seagulls...