Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yucca, Yucca, Yucca!!!

Back in March, I played a gig in Tempe at Last Exit with Bret Hartley, Jim Gerke and Curtis Grippe. We had a great time. Actually, you can hear one cut from the gig at my MySpace page, and the same song at my MySpace Audio page.

I loved Last Exit, and I loved playing Tempe again. But I have to admit there was something that caused me a bit of regret.

About a month before the show, Rodney, the owner of the Yucca Tap Room, shot me a message. Rodney thanked me for posting my blog on the good ol' days at the Yucca. He, like many, has fond memories of those days. He understood I was playing at Last Exit this time through, but he wanted me to know he'd be happy to have me back at the ol' stomping grounds sometime in the future.

The future is now...or September 6th.

Yes. Bud will be laying down the law again at the Yucca Tap Room on Saturday September 6th! There will be other bands involved and more details between now and then; all we know right now is we're firm for 9/6.

Regrettably, Mr. Hartley will not be making the trip out from Atlanta for the show, but Gerke and Grippe are signed on, making us the most blistering trio this side of the Rio Grande. Just like the Chicago show at Uncommon Ground on Friday June 13th, you'll hear Songs from Memory songs, and Refreshments songs, and covers. You'll also get to watch me be a ham.

So, mark it on your calendars now! Write something like, "Art slays in the name of the crown at the Yucca" in the space under "September 6."

As you can see, the summer is shaping up rather nicely for yours truly. Make a point to come out and see me! I'll have more firm

dates in more places as we go forward.



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Neil said...

You know that Matt, Derek, Maggie and I will be there. :)