Saturday, May 10, 2008

Albert Hofmann Dies

First of all, read this new interview with me at the very cool Spraygraphic. We cover all the important stuff, Ghost Notes, Songs from Memory, the Refreshments, Dead Hot Workshop and the conflicts of rock 'n' roll heart. Enjoy!

This week, Albert Hofmann died.

Who's he?

Albert Hofmann will forever be known as the inventor of LSD.

He was 102, and smiling in every picture.

You would be too if you invented LSD.

Funny, but Tom Petty is always smiling in pictures, too.


Anyway, LSD has always been a fascinating subject to me.

I've never done it.

Too square.

But, as a rock musician, you'd have to be living under a rock to be unaware of LSD's profound effect on rock music.

The shit was everywhere.

As a teenager, I wanted to know what an acid trip was like, and I hassled some "experienced" friends of mine, soliciting their opinion of me trying it. They all said the same thing.

Stay away from it.

(Some friends, eh?)

Seriously, they said, "Forget it. It's not for you."

Not for me? Why not for me?

Because I'd freak out, they said, and they'd be forced to deal with it.

So, reluctantly, I took them at their word and gave up my quest. I'd never be the lizard king.

It was tough to deal with at the time, but it's kinda cool now, especially since the lizard king is now worm food.

Still, who wouldn't be fascinated by LSD?

Opening the doors of the unconscious.

Freeing your mind from the chains of linear thought.

Letting all the bats loose in your belfry.

Woo hoo!

Unless you're a nerd.

D&D, anyone?


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Anonymous said...

We'll take LSD
And talk about conspiracy too