Sunday, November 22, 2015

Stuck Outside of Phoenix the Movie Distributed!!!

It's been five years since I called Nico Holthaus to ask if he'd direct the movie version of Stuck Outside of Phoenix.
I'm proud to say that movie is now available everywhere fine movies are sold. Here's a run-down of places where you can find it this holiday season--or any season:


There are plenty of other places too.

Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time waiting on Netflix, which I found out recently only comes to fruition when the movie sells well at Amazon first. No guarantees though. I misled some of you on that. My apologies.

Please enjoy the movie at one of the outlets above. There are many pirated versions out there that might lead you straight to viral hell, so watch out. 

Thanks to all who had a hand in making the movie. Very cool, surreal, dream-come-true on my end, and now it's out there forever.

Yours in laying down the law, 


Watch Stuck Outside of Phoenix the Movie.


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