Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

Yours in laying down the law,


Read the blurb of Badge.

Or read an excerpt of Badge.


Owllady said...

Art, that is an *awesome* article. I really admire you for being honest, and especially for not giving up. It's a long hard road, harder for some, and it would be easy to just throw your hands up and cave to the apparent indifference of the universe.

But your determination shows you're a writer in every sense. Writing well is usually work, and while we enjoy some aspects of it, others, not so much.

Myself, my laptop fritzed out right before NaNo began. I started an outline but forgot to back it up in the cloud. I typed the first *six days* of NaNo on my iPad *on the touchscreen*.

On Nov 27, at 48k words, the black screen of death hit my laptop. I used my sister's computer to compile about 35 separate files to paste into NaNo's word validator. I hit 51k, and did the NaNo Victory Dance.

Have a bluetooth iPad keyboard now, but it's still slow going to continue the story (it's definitely not finished at 51k).

This is a nice break from my rock novel though maybe I can work on both once I get the laptop back.

And honestly, your perseverance is one of the things that inspired me to keep going. Writing is sometimes solitary but it's these moments of sharing that often are the driving force behind the firm decision to never give up.

So, thanks. A lot. :)


Art Edwards said...

So glad the piece spoke to you, Marcia. I hear that a lot when I publish pieces about trying to get published traditionally. We sometimes think we're alone, but we're really not.

Onward, Art

Owllady said...

It'll be interesting to see where trad publishing is in another five or six years, won't it!

Art Edwards said...