Monday, August 27, 2012

Stuck the Movie Timeline

It's hard to believe I'll be watching a movie version of Stuck Outside of Phoenix in less than two months. Very surreal. I first brought this project up to Nico Holthaus in May of 2010. That's about two and a half years from conception to (God willing) fruition. For me, that's major quick. I quit the Refreshments in 1998. Stuck the Novel came out in 2003. Ghost Notes and Songs from Memory came out in 2008...You can see how long it takes me to finish a major project. That something this big and complicated is getting done in half that time is a testament to Nico, and to everyone in the cast and crew for doing what it takes.

Thank you all.

Yours in laying down the law,


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Mike G. said...

Right on, looking forward to it. I've got the book, I'll need to read it first.

Art Edwards said...

Right on, Mike. The book's a quick, easy read. Lemmy know what you think.