Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Defunct Lighten My Load Sale 2008!!!

Okay, we have to get out the vote this week. Very important.

The next thing on our agenda will be the holiday season, which includes Christmas.

We like to make our friends and family happy at Christmas, don't we? I know I do.

But it's 2008, and guess what? We're all as broke as an old tire spoke.

What can you afford to get your friends and family for Christmas when everything costs so much?

That's where I come in.

For reasons ranging from the fact that I'm moving in a month to the recession to the holiday season, I've decided to have a big sale of Defunct merchandise. What does that entail? Glad you asked. It entails three things:

First of all, every product has been marked down to $10.

That's right. You can get Ghost Notes, or Songs from Memory, or the new Stuck Outside of Phoenix--all 2008 products--for just $10 apiece.

Sound good? Go here.

Second, if you buy two or more of anything, your order ships for free. Say you wanna buy every Refreshments fan on your list a copy of my latest, Ghost Notes. You will get each copy for $10--that's half off the cover price--and you will get free shipping.

$10 a pop. That's getting out cheap, baby. Go here.

And third, if you buy a Defunct Three-Pack, which includes one copy each of Stuck Outside of Phoenix, Ghost Notes, and Songs from Memory, you can have them all for $25.

And free shipping.

Go here.

These are my rock-bottom prices--I'm all but giving them away--and I want you to have them.

So set yourself up with some Defunct merch, or get a good chunk of your holiday shopping done early. (All books are signed by me on their way out the door!)

Happy voting, everyone.


Buy Stuck Outside of Phoenix

Buy Ghost Notes

Buy Songs from Memory

1 comment:

K said...

That's a fargin bargin if I ever saw one! Three great works of Art :-) for an unbelievable price!

And...two great former Refreshments living in the Pacific NW at the same time. Who knew? :-)

Good luck with the move. Hope it goes smoothly! Give us a shout when you're settled in. ~ K